Living In A World Of Colour

We want to invite you to our first art show called COLOURS - Living In A World Of Colour. Lauching Thursday April 11th - May 3rd, 2019 on our Leaf Modern Art Show Website. 

What's it all about? Well Rande and Mona have a lot in common but the one thing that stands out the most is their love of the colours and beauty of the world surrounding us. From the colours of our skin to the many cultures and Mother Nature, the world is stimulating and inspiring! Which leads us to sharing our vision with you and inviting you to our world of colours and style. 

“ORIGINAL PAINTS ON PAPER” Rande has been very inspired in recent months about a new style of contemporary abstract portraits. "Morado" was the first reveal and it created quite the buzz which lead him to continue this work. This is the first art show presenting a fresh style of portrait designing and, in fact, the first of its kind to still include native contemporary elements. This presents a very modern approach and all complete from the imagination and Rande Cook talent. COLOURS will feature 8 portraits painted on paper in a colourful style that will be sure to delight the senses. 

Wait... we will also be introducing a small collection of fresh spring tees for men and women! Rande has done a beautiful native contemporary lip design that Mona will feature in metallic colours. More to come..

So where is this art show? Right here ! The Leaf Modern Art Show Site WWW.LEAFMODERNARTSHOW.CA. Yes ! It is all online! We want to be one of the first to completely host online so that we can give you the comfort of viewing it from your own space. In addition, we now can include our international clients! 

We know there is something special about viewing pieces in person so we are committed to providing a new experience in hopes you will gain that connection. So, we will feature lots of content on how we built the show and art pieces through pics and videos. Lots of instant content will be featured on our social media. 

Please follow us too on one of our social media platforms as we will be sure to include more instant content as we go !

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