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ELECTRICA The Boyfriend Tee

Red Metallic Lip

“Rande, I’ve seen this style lip everywhere in many forms. I want one for shirts, can you do it in your style?” ~ Mona

Electrica was born. What will start as red metalic foil will eventually turn into a lip collection by Mona. As that is her specialty when it comes to clothing and fashion, she keeps trends top of mind with an element of our own personal style. Our selected shirts were carefully hand picked to ensure it reflected the beautiful design. As the design on its own is worth a great value. However, we want it to be accessible, an attractive cost and enjoyed as wearable art by everyone! The shirts are unisex as a boyfriend cut, we like the idea of how versatile it makes it from casual wear to rolled up sleeves. Add your own personal touch ! 

$45 each

Soft easy wear Unisex shirts

Shades are a triblend - DARK GREY, GREY, and CREAM

Soft Red Metallic Foil has a deep shine

Care is hang to dry

Sizing is true to sizing with relaxed fit 


(Mona is in a small. Rande is in a large)

ELECTRICA in Cream $45


Excuse me, I couldn’t help notice your lips... Unisex triblend shirt makes this colour a soft cream and not yellow or off white. An easy spring into summer wearable colour that makes the red metallic pop. Surely you will be noticed. 

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ELECTRICA in Grey $45


Oh hello there... Unisex triblend shirt in grey gives a soft two toned look. An easy colour to wear that makes the red metallic pop! Now time to book that party and go show off. 

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ELECTRICA in Dark Grey $45


Damn, those lips are fire... Unisex triblend shirt in dark grey gives a dark grey with black tone feel. A versatile colour that’s easy to wear and makes that red metallic just shines like a star. Throw out the rest of your shirts... this one is all you need.  

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